Pagan Chants

We Are One With the Soul of the Earth

This is a simple, soulful chant which is usually sung a little more loosely than the way it is written here. EarthSpirit has recorded a beautiful, twenty-minute-long rendition of this chant accompanied by drums and rattles, with improvisation and harmony. This recording is particularly worth hearing because it really gives a sense of what Pagan chants are like when they are used in ritual. The chant is louder or quieter at different times; various harmonies are added on and improvised; and there is a clear sense that energy is being raised. If you want to show someone who has never been to a ritual what ritual chant is like, here's your opportunity. You can find it on MotherTongue's album All Beings of the Earth (**buy here**).

(If the above link doesn't work in your browser, click here to hear the song.)

We are one
with the soul
of the earth
Mother Earth

- Andras Corban Arthen

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