Pagan Chants

Let the Way Be Open

A simple fire circle chant by Abbi Spinner. It can build some energy when there's drumming accompanying it, but it still tends to be more of a deep, meditative chant than a fast-paced, energy-moving one. (And it's in a major key! Praise be!)

A musical comment about this one: the syncopation (i.e. the emphasis being off the main beat) may feel a little odd at first. I've often heard people sing it so that "voice" and "hands" are on the main beat rather than off the beat. This may feel a little more comfortable to sing, but it's not how the song was written. So give the composer some credit and try to stay with the original rhythm!

This chant can be found on Abbi Spinner's recording Enter the Center (**buy here**).

(If the above link doesn't work in your browser, click here to hear the song.)

Sing through my voice
Play through my hands
Let the way be open

- Abbi Spinner

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