Pagan Chants

Is, Was, and Shall Be

A wonderful invocation to the Norns - the Norse Fates, also known as the Wyrd (pronounced "weird") Sisters. There are three lines, and you can repeat any or all of them as desired (singing each line twice gives a nice effect). The second line given here is the harmony which goes with the other three; the words are in brackets because essentially the same harmony can be used for all lines.

I personally have never used this in ritual, perhaps because I'm cautious about invoking powers of Fate! I learned it from Beverly Frederick's album Through the Darkness (**buy here**).

(If the above link doesn't work in your browser, click here to hear the song.)

Three from the hall beneath the tree
Is, Was, and Shall Be
Come, Wyrd Sisters, swoop to the ground
Loosen the web that binds us down
Join with the hands of the Weavers Three
Is, Was, and Shall Be

© 1996 Beverly Frederick

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