Pagan Chants

Healing Power

This is a lovely, soulful chant which I learned at one of the Spark Collective's monthly circles. The two parts work against each other beautifully. Someone suggested to me that after singing for a while, you may want to change the words to "We are healing" (or maybe "We give healing").

I don't know if it's recorded on one of ALisa Starkweather's two tapes/CDs, as she doesn't have a track listing on her website, but you can check them out - they are very reasonably priced. **Buy here**

(If the above link doesn't work in your browser, click here to hear the song.)

O Mother, hear us calling,
Your children, we need healing (x2)
Power, power,
Our love is our power (x2)

- ALisa Starkweather

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