Queer Pagans

Queer Pagans

A brief rant to begin with:
Paganism is kind of a funny religion in that it's an amalgamation of a conservative, very heterosexual British movement from the 40's/50's and a radical lesbian-feminist American movement from the 60's/70's. Go figure. Anyway, this means that although there are a whole lot of queer pagans, myself and most of my friends included, the dominant imagery in paganism is heterosexual (Lord/Lady, athame/chalice, phallus/yoni, etc.). I've been to very few public rituals which included queer divine images.

I think this is a problem. If we really want to affirm that "all acts of love and pleasure" are the Goddess' rituals (or, more to the point, our rituals), we need to start thinking about how to work with gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered images of the divine.

Some slightly more organized thoughts on the subject:

*Is Biology Destiny?: Men and Gods, about images of the divine masculine.

*Patchwork: Bisexuality and Myth-Making - some thoughts.

*A Creation Story of how Night and Day, the Earth and the Sea came into being.

Here are some links that may be useful.

More traditional witchy things:

Reinventing Stuff:

Queer Spirituality in General:

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